ПВХ (PVC) фасады


Mesh facades perfectly combine with other materials used in facing facades: metal, wood, brick, textile membrane and etc.
Thanks to its structure, the material optimally combines tenderness, elasticity, longevity, resistance to corrosion, burning, precipitation. Even with many years of exploitation, the mesh membrane does not lose its properties during changes in temperature from -30° C to +70° C


SERVICE LIFE from 15 to 30 years and over.
IT IS EASY AND QUICK TO ASSEMBLE, THE PRICE IS CHEAPER in comparison with other materials, which allows mesh material to be used in reconstructing small facades, as well as when erecting large-scale objects: sports arenas, stadia, covered multi-layer parking lots, public buildings and etc.
The most important economical aspect of applying mesh facades is SMALL WEIGHT of their load-bearing metal substructure, its COMPACTNESS AND BIG DISTANCE OF LANES, which allows (in comparison with metal facades) to locate vertical façade columns (pylons, posts) at a much greater distance.
THE DIVERSITY OF COLORS AND STRUCTURES allows to embody the boldest ideas of an architect which earlier seemed unachievable.
HEIGHTENED MAINTAINABILITY of Ferrari mesh architectural facades versus expensive and complicated maintenance with removing panels in case of metal façade solutions.
The mesh material IS EXTREMELY STRONG which allows to close large spans of façade surfaces. The stability of the sizes allows it to be in its initial state thanks to pretension in lengthwise and crosswise before and while applying the protective layer, which provides minimal shrinkage and geometrical stability of the enclosure during exploitation.
Because of relatively small weight of the mesh façade system itself, THE LOAD OF THE ENTIRE FAÇADE ONTO THE FOUNDATION DECREASES BY 25-35% in comparison with metal hinged panels with their massive and heavy system of bearers and connections. Thus, in case of weak soil and soil flow, this criterion is very significant.
You can get an unexpected effect by using a mesh membrane, having installed it over an existing historical or half-destroyed façade. Thus, depending on the means of illumination you can reach an ABSOLUTE CHANGE IN THE APPEARANCE OF A BUILDING depending on the time of the day without disturbing its initial appearance.
Mesh facades are often used as SUN "TENTS" over uniform glazing. It protects from blinding rays and overheating well and at the same time thanks to transparency and mesh structure, it does not block the view from the window.


The leading positions in production of composite fabrics and mesh materials are taken by SERGE FERRARI® company, which produces membranes and composite textile materials for industrial use, building construction and various specialized needs.

SERGE FERRARI® architectural PVC materials known all over the world have technical advantages that no other composite material has.


During the production process, the threads of the material warp are constantly subject to tension, it gives the material special mechanical properties.


The consequence of this is same lengthening of the fabric in both directions, as well as minimal "sliding" of the cover from the base during very long time.


All Serge Ferrari ® materials correspond to international standards of fire safety for building different types of facilities, which is proved by certificates of European countries, International quality standards and certificates of the Russian Federation.


Serge Ferrari gives a 20-year warranty for standard and a 30-year warranty for especially durable tent materials, even though the real term of their exploitation reaches up to 40-60 years.


It is significant that over this time the shade of the color of the PVC material cladding does not change more than +/- 1,5% from the initial one (it is reached by special additives into the external layers of the PVC coating of the material).


is for pattern cutting and welding a ready-made products from PVC membranes.